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Angelie is a fashion and beauty blogger from Philippines. She currently juggles blogging, studying. She loves trying out new things and she's currently working on making her dreams come true. :P

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Best Bridal Makeup For Your Big Day

You’ve chosen the dress, hired the venue and organized the catering … now it’s time to sit back and start thinking about your bridal makeup ensuring that you look beautiful and flawless for the big day and all important wedding album. Here are a few makeup tips to make sure that you really do blossom on the most important day of your life.

The “Do’s” of Bridal Makeup

Your makeup trial should take place between three and five weeks before the wedding date. If fake tan figures as part of your wedding day plans then be sure to have a test run before your makeup trial so that you will look as close as possible to how you will be on your wedding day. The makeup artist will need to work with your skin color after the fake tan.

Be sure to bring out your natural beauty by focusing on your best features – a natural skin, feathery eyelashes and neatly groomed eyebrows will help to create the perfect canvas for your work of art. If these are right then the rest of the makeup you apply will glide effortlessly into place and your masterpiece will soon be complete.If you are having a traditional white wedding then be sure to wear white for your pre-wedding makeup trial, that way you’ll be able to see the full effect against white clothing. A simple white t-shirt should do the trick just fine. Try taking a selfie in broad daylight without using a flash to see how the makeup colors show up on the photographs.

If you have any photographs depicting the type of wedding makeup you like then by all means take them along with you to the beauty salon, it will at least give the make-up artist a starting point. If you plan to do your own bridal makeups then practice with new techniques until you achieve the perfect look. Using a makeup airbrush can give a flawless, professional finish to your foundation which lasts the whole day long. Check out the kits at The Salon Outlet and start practicing, it is much easier than you might think.

The “Don’ts” of Bridal Makeup

Don’t allow yourself to be hi-jacked by a makeup artist with his or her own ideas about how you should look on your big day. Your wedding day is not the right time to experiment with bold new colors or looks. The most beautiful brides are generally the ones who stick to a natural look and allow their natural beauty to shine through. It’s not a good idea to have your makeup done under fluorescent lighting either, it’s always best to have your makeup done in natural daylight – that is, after all, how everyone will see it.

Don’t try to look too fashionable and “on-trend” with your bridal makeup. The problem with these trends is that they quickly move on and although you may look incredibly hip on your big day it will soon become dated. A traditional, natural and timeless elegance is a much better option for a wedding album.

Bridal makeup should not be applied solely to the face – don’t forget your neck and even shoulders if necessary, depending upon the style of your bridal gown. This is where your fake tan practice comes in very handy.

Give yourself plenty of time to apply your bridal makeup … it’s going to take at least 45 minutes or maybe even an hour to get the job done just right. Remember, this is your big day and you want everything to be picture perfect including your makeup.

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In love with lace details!

Guys I need your help! I just saw this huge sale in Sheinside, everything with lace details on their site are on 50% off!

I went ahead to see if I’d see something I like and I loved them all but I managed to narrow my favorites down to four items. I still don’t know which one to get since I love all four of them. Can you help me choose which one to get? 

I just can believe this huge sale, you can buy shorts and kimonos for as low as $10 and some rompers and dresses are on sale for as low as $15! Would you believe that? See for yourself!

Anyway, which one should I get?

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